Cost of sport activities — costs on gear, trainings, competitions, etc.

Gymnastics — different fields of gymnastics, aerobics, dance and acrobatics, except for team and rhythmic gymnastics.

Higher education — tertiary education, except for secondary professional education based on secondary education.

Income from accounts with other sport organisations — income from the owner of sports school.

Income from foundations — funds received from sports and other foundations for projects.

Income from state budget — support received either directly from state budget or through sports organizations.

Investments — investments to real estate, equipment, machinery, means of transport, etc.

Labour cost — total expenditure made on employees, taxes included.

Managing cost — expenditure on premises and transportation, public utilities, office expenses, etc.

Other expenditure — expenditure on in-service training, awards, etc.

Sports school — a licenced hobby school with the curricula of one or several fields of sports. Hobby school is an educational institution which besides general education offers the young people additional possibilities of obtaining education, developing their personality and interesting spare time activities.


The official statistical survey “Sports School” was introduced in 1994. The data on sports schools are collected and processed by the Ministry of Culture. The data are collected from all licenced sports schools and hobby schools having at least one curriculum in sports. The owner of sports school can be either a municipality, commercial or non-profit organization. No data has been collected starting from 2006.

The decline in the number of sports schools in 2001 is related to the restructuring of sports education, as the activities of many sports schools were passed on to sports clubs.

The data on income and expenditure are presented in thousand kroons.


More information on sports schools statistics is available on the web page of the Ministry of Culture.


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