Care demanding species which do not belong to the categories Endangered, Vulnerable, or Rare, but whose status requires attention. Still relatively common species, but their numbers have decreased so drastically that they may fall into the category Vulnerable if the influence of threat factors continues. Also species, which belonged earlier to the previous categories but are now out of danger.

Endangered species under strong threat of becoming extinct, whose numbers have declined to a critical level or whose habitats have been so drastically decreased that their survival in Estonia is unlikely if the influence of threat factors continues.

Extinct or probably extinct species whose wild populations have disappeared or probably disappeared in Estonia. Despite repeated searches they have not been encountered after 1950 (in case of water habitats after 1965), but their occurrence in 18501949 (in case of water habitats in 18501964) has been reliably documented.

Indeterminate species known to be Extinct, Endangered, Vulnerable or Rare, but whose degree of being endangered cannot be specified due to insufficient data.

Rare species which occur within restricted areas or in few habitats, or are very sparsely, and which do not belong to the categories Endangered or Vulnerable, but whose populations are easily threatened.

Vulnerable species whose populations are declining due to overexploitation, or due to destruction or damaging of habitats, and whose numbers and distribution decrease quickly in Estonia and which are likely to fall into the category Endangered in the near future if the influence of threat continues.


Data about endangered botanic and animal types are administrative data received from the Estonian Environment Information Centre of the Ministry of the Environment.


Environmental Register:

Estonian Nature Information System:


The endangered categories have been specified according to the Red Data Book of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) (


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