Container ship a ship fitted throughout with fixed or portable cell guides for the carriage of containers.

Cruise ship a passenger ship intended to provide passengers with a full tourist experience. All passengers have cabins. Facilities for entertainment aboard are included.Ships operating normal ferry services are excluded, even if some passengers treat the service as a cruise. In addition, cargo carrying vessels able to carry a very limited number of passengers with their own cabins are also excluded. Ships intended solely for day excursions are also excluded.

Dry bulk vessel a ship designed with a single deck and holds for the bulk carriage of loose dry cargo of homogenous nature.

Dry cargo barge deck barge, hopper barge, lash-seabee barge, open dry cargo barge, covered dry cargo barge and other dry cargo barges.

Estonian vessel / foreign vessel nationality of a vessel is determined by the country under which flag the vessel sails.

Fishing vessel a fish-catching or fish-processing vessel.

General cargo non-specialised vessel reefer, ro-ro passenger, ro-ro container, other ro-ro cargo, combination carrier general cargo / passenger and combination carrier general cargo / container, ship designed with a single or several decks.

GT 1000 gross tonnage of a ship in thousands. Gross tonnage is a measure of the size of a ship determined in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969; a unitless entity.

Other vessel drilling and exploration vessel, offshore support vessel, tug, pusher craft, dredger, research or other vessel.

Passenger ship a ship designed specifically to carry more than 12 fare-paying passengers whether berthed or unberthed, cruise ships and ro-ro passenger ships are excluded.

Specialised vessel a barge carrier, chemical carrier, irradiated fuel carrier, livestock carrier, vehicle carrier or other specialised vessel.

Tanker / liquid bulk carrier oil tanker, chemical tanker, liquefied gas carrier (LG tanker), pushed tanker barge / tank lighter or other liquid bulk carrier.


The survey population consists of ports included in the State Port Register of the Estonian Maritime Administration. Complete enumeration is applied.



Classification of types of vessels (ICST-COM)


Vessels have been classified by types of vessels based on ICST-COM.


Eesti Statistika Kvartalikiri. Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics Estonia

Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia


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