Basic road – a road that connects towns with each other and with main roads.

Main road – a highway that connects a capital with other cities, those cities with each other, a capital and other cities with important harbours, railway stations and borders.

Road – a highway, a street, a pathway and a bicycle way or other line of communication for the circulation of road vehicles and pedestrians, that can be owned by local administration or other legal or individual persons.

Secondary road – a road that connects small towns, boroughs and villages with each other and with all main and basic roads.

Paved road — a road that has a paving of a material processed with cement, ash or bitumen (asphalt, cement concrete or other paving), or paving stone and cobblestone road.

Length of the bridge — the distance between the farthest visible constructions of the bridge (the side wing of coastal column or the end of the pavement’s handrail).


Source: Estonian Road Administration.


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