Border crossing — a person arrived via the frontier posts of Estonia (foreigners and Estonian residents).

Estonian resident — a person who has an Estonian citizenship or, in the case of missing citizenship, who resides permanently in Estonia.

Foreign visitor — a person travelling to a place other than that of his/her usual environment for less than 12 consecutive months and whose main purpose of visit is other than exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited. Residents who live in frontier towns and who regularly cross border (usually as a pedestrian) with the aim of regularly going to work, school, shop, church, etc. are not taken into account.

Foreigner a person who has the citizenship of a foreign country or, in case of missing citizenship, who has a permanent residence abroad.


Since 1 May 2004 the Border Guard Administration does not register the citizens of the European Union Member States, of the European Economic Community and of the Swiss Confederation in the database of border crossings. The number of overnight visitors’ arrivals to Estonia has been estimated on the basis of accommodation statistics and the foreign visitors survey. The data on the same-day visitors’ arrivals to Estonia are missing.


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