Accommodation establishment  a business entity through which an undertaking provides accommodation services within the framework of its economic or professional activity. Accommodation establishments can be classified as follows: hotels, motels, guesthouses, hostels, holiday camps, cottages, flats, bed-and-breakfast. Tourism accommodation has been divided into two main groups: collective accommodation establishments (serve tourists as business entities) and private tourist accommodation. The accommodation statistics take into account only the data of collective accommodation.

Accommodation service  the offer or sale of regular or occasional sleeping accommodation and goods or services supplementary thereto.

Accommodated tourist a tourist or overnight visitor who stays at least one night in a hotel, motel or any other kind of collective accommodation establishment.

Average cost of a guest night  the average cost of one guest night in an accommodation establishment, which includes the value-added tax and the cost of breakfast if it is sold with accommodation services.

Bed occupancy rate  the rate of the number of total overnight stays and the total number of bed places on offer in percentages. The bed places of rooms under repair and of rooms temporarily closed for other reasons are not taken into account.

Bed place  a single bed; double bed being counted as two bed places. Any extra beds that may be set up by customer request are ignored.

Bedroom  the unit formed by one room or groups of rooms constituting an indivisible rental whole in an accommodation establishment or dwelling. Rooms may be single, double or multiple, depending on whether they are equipped permanently to accommodate one, two or several people. The number of existing rooms is the number the establishment habitually has available to accommodate guests (overnight visitors), excluding rooms used by the employees working for the establishment. If a room is used as a permanent residence (for more than a year) it should not be included. Bathrooms and toilets do not count as a room. An apartment is a special type of room. It consists of one or more rooms and has a kitchen unit and its own bathroom and toilet.

Business trip  a trip organised or paid by the employer with relation to the accomplishment of work-related tasks including participation in congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars, training courses, etc.

Foreign or international visitor a non-resident of Estonia who travels within Estonia and visits places outside his/her usual environment.

Holiday trip a trip designed to rest: spending annual holidays or weekends, visiting relatives, acquaintances, etc. and other leisure travelling. A premium or a holiday trip paid by the employer is also a holiday trip.

Number of nights spent the number of overnight stays that a guest actually spends (sleeps or stays) in the accommodation establishments or the period during which he/she is registered there (physical presence is not essential). The number of overnight stays is usually larger than the number of accommodated tourists as a tourist may stay longer than one night.

Room occupancy rate  the rate of the number of rooms on offer and the total number of rooms in percentages The rooms under repair and temporarily closed for other reasons are not taken into account.


Accommodation establishments include enterprises where the main activities according to the Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK 2008) are

55.1 hotels and similar accommodation

55.2 holiday and other short-stay accommodation

55.3 camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks

entered in the Business Register for Statistical Purposes (statistical profile). Accommodation establishments with five and more bed places are enumerated. Since 2002, accommodation statistics include also health resorts providing accommodation. Travel agencies and tour operators are completely enumerated.


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