Apartment association a non-profit association established by apartment owners for the purpose of shared management of the legal shares of the building and plot of land, which are part of the object of the apartment ownership and representation of the shared interests of the members of the apartment association.

Dwelling a one-family house, section of a two-family or a terraced house, or a flat, which consists of one or more rooms, meets sanitary engineering requirements and is suitable for permanent residence.

Dwelling association a non-profit association the aim of which is to provide its members with a separate apartment in the residential building in the ownership of the dwelling association and to organise the management of the building, land under the building and land necessary for the servicing the building.

Floor area of dwellings total floor area of functionally united rooms (bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.) and secondary rooms (kitchen, hall, bathroom, toilet, pantry, storage room, built-in cupboards, etc.) necessary or suitable for living in.

Private dwelling stock dwellings owned by private persons or private property based legal persons including members of apartment and dwelling associations.

Public dwelling stock dwellings in state or municipal ownership.


Until 1 January 2001 all enterprises and institutions who owned or managed/maintained state or municipal dwellings, all legal persons in private law who owned or managed/maintained dwellings, and dwelling and apartment associations were completely enumerated. Data were not collected about one- and two-family private houses and sections of terraced houses owned by natural persons. Data about these dwellings were estimated on the basis of the number of dwellings in previous years and data on dwellings completed during the year.


Starting from 1 January 2001 data about dwelling stock are based on the results of the 2000 Population and Housing Census, which are supplemented by the number of dwellings completed during the year. Data about dwellings completed during the year have been received from the Construction Register.


For 2001 data were not collected about dwelling and apartment associations.

In the tables covering dwellings by type of ownership, the data for private and public sector for the years since 2002 are based on distribution of the year 2001. In the table “Dwellings by period of construction” the numbers for the years since 2001 are based on distribution of the year 2000.


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