Postal item – one of the following addressed items deposited to a postal service provider for forwarding:

- written communication (hereinafter letter);
- postal parcel;
- registered item;
- insured item;
- cash transfer performed pursuant to the procedure provided by law;
- electronic message for forwarding in the form of a letter through a postal network where physical delivery is used, and a message dispatched in the form of a letter through a postal network where physical collection is used for forwarding to an electronic network;
- express postal item.

Postal service – as an economic activity means the forwarding of addressed postal items from the senders of postal items or other postal service providers to the addressees or other postal service providers.

Postal service provider – a person who engages in the forwarding of addressed postal items as an economic activity.


Communication statistics cover all enterprises whose main activities are post and courier activities or telecommunication services. Enterprises whose main activities are postal or telecommunication services are enumerated completely.


Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK 2008) based on NACE Rev.2.

H53 Postal and courier activities
531 ..postal activities under universal service obligation
532 ..other postal and courier activities


Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia


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