Benefits – income gained from hunting (selling of hunting certificates, meat, furs, etc.; hunting tourism). Also the fees gained from the members of hunting organisations, entrée fees, exam fees, etc.

Expenditures – costs of game protection and care, workers’ trainings, transportation, workers’ earned incomes, costs of missions and hunting services offered to foreign guests.

Hunting the wild animals game hunted during the hunting season as of February 28th.

Number of game – game counted as of April 1st.

Prized game trophies trophies hunted during the hunting season that are prized.

Sale – data of venison and furs sold by hunters and hunting districts.


Total population

The data about hunting are submitted by all societal, national and other organisations dealing with hunting, national nature reserves and national parks.

Aggregated data

The data presented have been collected from 15 county environmental departments. County environmental departments transmit the data collected to Statistics Estonia. In Statistics Estonia national hunting aggregated data are compiled on the basis of the submitted data.


Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia

Eesti piirkondlik statistika. Regional Statistics of Estonia

Keskkond. Environment

Keskkond arvudes. Environment in Figures


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