Consumption of fuels– the amount of fuel consumed by power plants and heating plants for energy production, excluding the fuel used directly for production technology needs.

Electricity sold to households (transformation output) – electricity sold to inhabitants, including housing cooperatives, etc., where the final consumers of electricity are inhabitants.

Final consumption of energy – energy, which is received and consumed after conversions into other forms of energy (electricity, heat, fuel).Final consumption excludes the use of energy for non-energy purposes, self-consumption by power plants and losses.

Fuel stock at the end of the period – fuel stock at the end of the reference period

Heat production – heat measured by meter readings; if there are no meters, it is based on the fuel calorific value, fuel consumption and average boiler efficiency.


The short-term statistics data are collected from all enterprises producing electricity and from all enterprises whose main activity is heat production, as well as from establishments whose heat production in the previous year exceeded 10 gigawatt hours.

The heat production of enterprises included in the monthly survey accounted for 85% of the total heat energy production of Estonia according to the adjusted data of 2017.


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