Construction activity – the turnover from construction activities and construction for own use. There is double-account in the part of sub-contracting work.

Construction production – the cost of purchased subcontract work has been deducted from the construction activity, plus/minus changes in the work-in-progress.

Construction volume index – characterises the change in the production value in construction in constant prices. The construction price index is used for calculating the production values in constant prices.



Data collection

The data are collected with the questionnaire “Majandustegevus” under the statistical action 20007 “Economic indicators of enterprises”. The reference period is a quarter.

Statistical unit

Statistical unit is an enterprise. An enterprise consists of one or more companies (public limited company, private limited company, limited partnership, general partnership, commercial association) or branches of foreign companies or sole proprietors. Short-term statistics cover only branches of foreign companies with 20 or more persons employed and sole proprietors.



The survey population comprises enterprises included in the register of economically active enterprises called the Statistical Profile. The Statistical Profile is created on the basis of the Commercial Register and is used as a sampling frame.



The financial data are collected by sample survey, using stratified simple random sampling. The sample was stratified by economic activity and by number of persons employed. The data collected by sample survey are expanded to the whole population.Enterprises have been divided into groups by economic activity according to the Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK). The classification codes for construction is F41 –43.By number of employed persons, the survey included all enterprises with 20 and more employed persons. Stratified simple random sampling was used for small enterprises (with 1–19 employed persons).


Number of respondents

The group of respondents includes enterprises, which had completed the questionnaire, as well as enterprises, which had no economic activity in the reference period.


TThe dissemination of data collected for the purpose of producing official statistics is guided by the requirements provided for in § 34 and § 35 of the Official Statistics Act. .



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